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Remove the playdough from the hair

The playdough is a malleable material that children love and with which they can play for hours. However, this product often leaves stains on the different surfaces and it is not uncommon for it to remain glued to the clothes and or to the children's hair. This is when parents are wondering how to remove these stains and leftovers from the playdough, without hurting the children. If you need effective solutions to remove the playdough from the hair, do not miss the following article from ToutComment.


1. First of all, remember that, unlike a playdough, chewing gum stuck in the hair retires with cold, non-hot water. When you want to remove from the hair playdough, first try to wet the hair with hot water and remove the playdough by helping you with your fingers.

2. If the hot water is not enough, a very effective tip to remove hair playdough is to use baby oil or Vaseline, which promotes the rapid dissolution of the silicone contained in this type of dough. Apply baby oil or Vaseline lightly just above the playdough, let it sit for 10 minutes and then use a comb to remove the rest of the playdough using a little hot water.

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